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Active members of 100+ Women Who Care Walworth County are eligible to nominate a charity for consideration. The criteria for nonprofit inclusion are as follows:

  • Must primarily serve Walworth County.

  • Must have IRS 501(c)3 status in good standing (not sure, check here.)

  • Must not receive funding from a larger national parent organization.

  • Must use 70%+ of donated funds for programs.

  • Must have held valid 501(c)3 status for at least one year.

  • Mission cannot be politically based or exclusionary of a certain race or creed.


When a member submits a nonprofit, our steering committee confirms both that the nominating member is an active 100 Woman and that the nonprofit meets the selection criteria listed on this page. Once the nonprofit has been vetted, it is added to a database in the order in which it was received and assigned a corresponding number.

Two weeks before each meeting, a random number generator will be used to choose three numbers. Those numbers will correlate to the three nonprofits chosen to present at the upcoming meeting.

The steering committee will reach out to the nominating member and the nonprofit to confirm that they will be able to attend the upcoming meeting. If either party cannot attend, the nonprofit is placed back into the database for future selection and another number is chosen at random.

If a nonprofit is funded at a 100+ Women meeting, they are ineligible for nomination for two years from the date of funding. If a nonprofit is presented but not funded, the organization is placed back into the database and is eligible for future section and presentation.

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