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When there’s a need in our community, women come together to meet it.

100 Women Who Care was born out of this concept. Babies needed beds, and Karen Dunigan knew that her friends could supply them. She approached them with a simple concept promising a big impact. If everyone gives a little, we end up with a lot. One hour later, with the beds secured, this original group was hooked, wondering what else they could do to strengthen their community.

This question has inspired hundreds of Women Who Give groups around the world, and piqued our interest, too.

When she learned the effect of this WWG group in Michigan, Cherith Anderson sent a text to three community-minded friends. “Women Who Give. Remind me to talk to you about this.” It was an easy sell for Cyndie, Dana, and Sarah, too, and in due time, Women Who Give Walworth County became official in April 2020.

If you wonder what you can do to strengthen your community, we'll see you at the next meeting.

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